About the event

The coffee event organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and sponsored by BWT water+more, will be held at Mico in Milan from 23 to 25 June.

The main beverage fair in Europe, will be held in presence after three years, with the participation of over 200 companies in the sector and Horeca industry and with a full program of events and contests, including: Best New Product Competition & Display, Coffee Design Awards, SCA Lectures and Workshops, Cupping Rooms, Roaster Village , Green Coffee Buyers & Sellers Program and Five World Coffee Championships.

During the three days of the event there will be competitions, showcases of new products, awards related to design, workshops organized by the Specialty coffee Association (SCA), tasting sessions, moments to do business, five world championships – cup tasters, roasting, ibrik, latte art, coffee in good spirits.

  • DATE: 23-25/06/2022
  • LOCATION: MiCo, Milano
  • ORGANIZER: Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)