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Accra (Ghana): Elaine Mensah tells her experience during the 4th Long Weekend

From Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of May the 4th Long Weekend of the E4impact MBA took place at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology of Accra (Ghana), I am currently attending the program and I find it very practical and well-structured.

The Long Weekend was significant for me in that we got the opportunity to interact with Ms Hamdiya Ismaila (General Manager at Venture Capital Trust Fund Ghana Limited) as to what investors are looking for.

We also spent time with our mentors, who are:

  • Jamal Ahmed mentor in Manufacturing/Farming/Organic Production;
  • Maureen Erekua Odio mentor in Personal Services;
  • Vincent King Arthur mentor in Microfinance and Social Services;
  • Edward Yeboa mentor in ICT/Online Business/Web Design.

We discussed each of our business projects in groups, sharing views and inputs from the group members.  This was very helpful in identifying where we needed assistance, both from the mentor and from each other’s experience. The mentor and other colleagues also helped in coming up with solutions or suggestions to some of the issues raised.

I think having such frequent sessions in the future will be helpful, because here we have the chance to discuss real issues in our business projects in a very intense and short time. This is very useful to all of us and we are willing to make this appointments even more intense.

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