On October 14th 2021, E4Impact had the opportunity to present an event in the Italian Pavilion of the Expo Dubai 2020, in collaboration with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The workshop called “E4Impact Foundation: A University Alliance for high impact entrepreneurs in Africa” showcased the work of E4Impact in Africa and the projects implemented, which aim to create a new generation of impact entrepreneurs.

The event was divided into thematic panels in which entrepreneurs and representatives of some African universities discussed the role of educational entrepreneurship on the continent and the future of entrepreneurial education in Africa. The first part of the discussion was held by E4Impact Director of Programmes, Fabio Petroni, E4Impact East Africa Manager, David Cheboryot, and Wondwosen Tamrat, founder and rector of St. Mary’s University (Ethiopia).

“I am very happy to participate in Expo 2020 Dubai and share the experience of how the E4Impact Alliance is positively changing business education in Africa, by raising a new generation of African entrepreneurs, who are transforming themselves and their communities” David Cheboryot said.ì

During the event we’ve also had the chance to hear E4Impat’s Alumni Francescah Munyi, Founder and CEO of the Kenyan business Kofar ltd., and Erasung Hadijah Ahmend, Founder and Product Developer of the Ghanian company Myda foods. The two women entreprenuer highlighted how the educational programmes of E4Impact can help the spreading of sustainable business models. These entrepreneurs are a perfect example of impactful entrepreneurship, as with their businesses they are creating new jobs for the communities and implementing environmental practices into their companies without compromising the economic profit.

This workshop has been, without any doubt, a great opportunity to raise awareness on how important it is to train impact entrepreneurs that can, through their businesses, leave a positive social and environmental footprint on our planet.