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E4Impact Community Event in Uganda

The first E4Impact Community Event was held on May 11th in Kampala and was organized by the Uganda Martyrs University’s staff and 3 interns from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.

The event had a great success, as 50 people took part in it. The aim was to have a positive impact on MBA students, allowing them to fully exploit the links that could have born among them and could have turned out to be useful for their businesses.

In the morning, several speaker welcomed the participant, explaining the sense of the event itself, among them we thank Fr. Edward Ssemwogerere, MBA program leader; Felix Idraku, MBA business coach; Francis Katabaazi and Nicholas Mbabazi, representatives of the Entrepreneur Ecosystem Foundation and David Cheboryot, E4Impact East Africa Manager.

After those speeches, the main part of the day took place, namely an exhibition in which the entrepreneurs of the 4th edition of the MBA have had the opportunity to expose and sell their products, present their businesses and exchange opinions not only among them but also with the entrepreneurs from other editions of the MBA.

“This is to express my appreciation for your efforts in organizing the E4Impact Community Event. I for one was able to get prospective distributors and bulk customers for my business. It was a great opportunity to get first hand experience at networking and should be the beginning of much bigger events in the future. Hopefully with inclusion of other stakeholders, we could have potential Investors and Business advisory service providers joining us for such events.” said Max Weber Asiimwe, one of the MBA student participating the event.

The participants were enthusiastic, as it has represented a unique opportunity for them.

“Join me in thanking the E4Impact and Uganda Martyrs team for organizing a wonderful and fruitful event, that has ignited a new symbol of hope in not only us as students but in the entire E4Alumni community at large. It has always been important for me as a business owner to be able to showcase my abilities to a wider community, in order to tap into new customers as well as create product awareness without worrying about the complexities that around business expos in general.” stated Luwaga Gyaviira, another MBA student.

This event has had a very high social impact and has showed a great commitment from both the organizers and the entrepreneurs. The goals that had been set has been fully achieved and everyone was satisfied. We will replicate the format in the other countries and in Uganda in the future for sure.

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