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Looking for an internship? E4Impact is the answer

My name is Fabio, I’m studying Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and in my last semester at University, while my friends were looking for internships in companies in Milan, I decided to do something different: leaving for an internship in Africa.

I realized that I could have done a standard internship after my graduation and that a deep experience at my age was the best choice I could made for my future. So I left Italy and flew to the hectic Nairobi (Kenya) for 3 months to work in the E4Impact MBA with the local entrepreneurs.

I was curious to learn how economy worked in an African Country and I wanted to understand why many people say Africa is the future, since there are big barriers like poverty and corruption. Working there and living in a new world with a totally different culture has opened my eyes (and my mind!) on many things and I got the point: Africa has a vitality you can’t even imagine if you don’t experience it. I couldn’t expect a better experience.

During my internship at Tangaza University College, I was asked to assist the business coach in helping the MBA entrepreneurs (small and medium sized) with their business models. It has been inspiring to see all their ideas and how each one of them was trying to bring a positive social impact in the Country. Africa needs this kind of entrepreneurs, they strive to introduce innovations that offer fundamental services and products affordable for everyone, it’s brilliant!

To improve my experience, I had the chance to visit the companies the E4Impact entrepreneurs funded and step into their work places. Some of them worked in very poor areas, like the slum in Kibera, teaching women a job or recycling the tons of plastic that are polluting the environment. I was stunned by the strenght they had and the energy they put in what they were doing. I immediately thought about the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility learnt at university and how it is mainly used by firms with marketing intents, to gain consent and clean their consciences. Well, in Nairobi I learned its real value and it ha a completely different meaning!

During the weekend, together with my friends and colleagues, I travelled a lot around Kenya. We visited the National Park, where I fell in love with elephants and giraffes and we went to the countryside and watched the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. I met amazing people who are now precious friends and I’ve lived lots of amazing moment I will keep in my mind forever. I’m sure that accepting this internship in Nairobi has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life and I won’t forget the time spent there and the lessons learnt.

I will go back to Kenya, for sure. I’m not through with Africa, yet.

Fabio Bassi

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