It came directly from the White House the invitation to Mario Molteni as delegate at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 (GES).

The GES was held this week end, July 25th-26th 2015, in Nairobi (Kenya) and has been the sixth annual gathering of entrepreneurs from more than 120 countries, at all stages of business development, business leaders, mentors, and high-level government officials. It has seen the presence not only of the most influencing personalities in the field of entrepreneurship, but also of the president of US, Obama, who has always given a special prominence to entrepreneurship issues.

In this occasion, our director was asked to present E4impact initiative and to explain how it is contributing in the training of impact entrepreneurs in Africa in the session called “Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs”.

Professor Molteni, recently nominated Ashoka fellow, explained what E4impact is doing to create a leading Pan-African university alliance in the name of impact entrepreneurship and how it’s helping business ideas across Africa growing and becoming real businesses.

Entrepreneurship brings down barriers between communities and cultures and builds bridges that help us take on common challenges together. Because one thing that entrepreneurs understand is, is that you don’t have to look a certain way, or be of a certain faith, or have a certain last name in order to have a good idea” said president Obama, during his speech at GES.

And what E4impact is doing is exactly fostering a connection among entrepreneurs of all the African countries it operates in and connecting them with entrepreneurs beyond Africa, through the First-Step-Africa program.

E4impact strongly believe in that spirit, the one president Obama called “the spirit of entrepreneurship”, that shows how there are no limits to the human imagination. And that’s why E4impact doesn’t teach entrepreneurship, but trains impact entrepreneurs; because the spirit already flows through our entrepreneurs’ veins, they only need a bit of support!