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Uganda calls: my internship in Kampala

My name is Alessandro Scandolara and I’m a student of Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.

I’ve dreamed about Africa since I was a child. I didn’t know why, I didn’t know when or where but I knew that Africa was calling me. Suddenly E4Impact came and I took the chance to do an internship at the MBA in impact entrepreneurship, where entrepreneurship is matched with the social aspects to build a better economy and a better society.

It was a sunny day in Kampala when my adventure started. As I get out of the airport, I realized that Uganda was waiting for me. I was surpised and curious since the beginning: everything was fantastic beyond every imagination. I was like a child with his big eyes ready to catch the reality that was playing in front of him.

I wanted to discover every single part of the country: its culture, its history, its people.

Emilio_Odongo and a friend from Italy


I joined the local team of Uganda Martyrs University, and we worked together improving team-work skills. In four months, I’ve been working with them learning as much as possible from their experiences and their working habits. In particular, I met a great man and a great friend: Felix Idraku, the business & Finance coach of the MBA.

While working with Felix, I’ve learned how to be a business coach, managing different people and situations and I’ve learned a lot about Ugandans.

My job was composed of different aspects, all of them very interesting: from the organizations of the long weekends, to the setting up of the classroom for the lessons, but also one-to-one meeting sessions with the entrepreneurs and a bit of marketing of the MBA program during the different events. Every day pushed me to come out with new ideas, rethinking of what I knew and being curious.

In four months I met a lot of people and actors: students, entrepreneurs, institutions, international organizations and NGOs. All of them gave me a trace that can’t disappear. All of them contributed in some way to my personal development, improving my skills and knowledge. I’ve grown as a student, as a worker and, most of all, as a man.
I’m very grateful for this!

Alessandro Scandolara

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